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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sendvis "hold" recipe:

Grease the slice of bread with Ceva Fin cheese cream. Cut the carrot and wrap it with a slice of sliced ​​melted cheese, so as to give it the shape of a path. Cut the cucumbers into rounds and insert the wedge in the middle.

In the High Court: A blind man was not left with the companion dog on the bus

A case that scandalized public opinion four years ago has reached the highest court in the country. In April 2017, a blind man from Pășcani was prevented from boarding the bus that was supposed to take him to Sibiu, the driver refusing to accept the boarding of the accompanying car. At that time, the transport company was sanctioned with a warning for discrimination. The appeal filed by her reached the High Court of Cassation and Justice.

At the beginning of April 2017, Petre Iordache requested by phone the company Pol Polosam to reserve two places on the route T & acircrgu Frumos & ndash Sibiu, mentioning that he is blind. He did not specify that the second place was for the accompanying Labrador. The driver refused to accept the presence of the car in the passenger area of ​​the bus, stating that it could only be transported in the luggage compartment, in standard cages, based on his identification and health documents, which Iordache had not presented.

Read also: Rioter: a blind man and the labrador who & icirci is a guide, abruptly by a bus driver

In front of the Iași Court of Appeal, the transport company also invoked the fact that there were still 17 passengers on the bus, and the behavior of the driver would have been difficult to anticipate, especially in the conditions of a journey of more than 9 hours. As Iordache had not presented any documents showing that the Labrador was a companion, the dispute was merely one generated by the presence of a pet on the bus, so that there was no discrimination.

The company's arguments were rejected by the judges. They pointed out that Iordache's disability was obvious, hence the need for him to be accompanied by a specialized doctor. Or, according to the law, the accompanying persons benefit from free and unrestricted access in all public places, therefore including in the means of transport. Trans Polosam was thus guilty of discrimination from the moment it sent you two tickets, for the passenger and for the passengers, instead of one. & quot; Fear of passengers is not a valid reason either. Fear of theft may not lead to the removal of the person using the guide from the means of public transport under conditions in which there are no elements on the basis of which it can be concluded that the vehicle has been out of control. The right of a person with a severe disability to be accompanied by a guide is opposable to all, including other passengers in a means of transport. Refusing access to the guide dog in a public place or in a public transport is equivalent, in reality, to refusing access to the person accompanied by the dog. This is an obvious form of discrimination & quot; the judges argued.

The magistrates of the Court of Appeal rejected as unfounded the appeal filed by Trans Polosam at the warning given by the National Council for Combating Discrimination. The transport company filed an appeal against this sentence, the first term & icircn before & IcircCCJ taking place yesterday.

Mother's testimony: & # 8220It was scary & # 8221

& # 8220I was told that the sandwich bag was supposed to keep her temperature high, I had never heard of it before. Seeing her there was so scary & # 8211 she was little ”, she added, according to

The little girl proved to be a fighter. She started to gain weight, which gave her parents and doctors hope that everything would end well.

"I know we have a long way to go, but I pray that every day Orla-May grows big and strong.", my mother also said.

How to. Potted red crops

Are you tired of the watery-cardboard taste of tomatoes in stores or even in the markets? Don't have easy access to country tomatoes? Well, there is still hope: you can grow your own tomatoes!

Are you tired of the watery-cardboard "taste" of "tomatoes" in stores or even in the markets? Don't have easy access to "country" tomatoes? Well, there is still hope: you can grow your own tomatoes!

What do you need:

Seedlings: It is necessary to make sure that the seedlings are of good variety. It is best to get them from a person whose tomatoes you know. The variety must give aromatic tomatoes and, at the same time, be a small one or climber (if you choose a climber variety, you will also need "stakes" for pots).

Pots: They should be slightly larger (depending on the variety of tomatoes, but not smaller than 6 liters), preferably made of burnt or lacquered pottery. Ideally, the pot for tomatoes should have several water holes and put a relatively thin layer of gravel on the bottom of the pot.

Earth: Plain black-chestnut soil (chernozem) is the right choice for tomatoes. On the one hand, it is preferable to use garden soil (not flower soil, purchased). On the other hand, you need to make sure that the soil is of good quality: it has no mold, no larvae / pests and is not too concentrated in nitrates (it has not been excessively enriched with fertilizers). When planting the seedling, the pot should be filled about & # 190 with soil, then - with the development of the plant - added a little soil.

Fertilizer: Add a little fertilizer once every 12-14 days. Once the plant stops flowering, stop feeding on fertilizer. Use only compost (natural, organic fertilizer). Manure should not be included in the fertilizer component for potted vegetables (given the relatively small amount of soil, it may be too strong).

The light: Tomatoes should benefit from natural light at least 8 hours a day (do not be discouraged, this is possible even in a closed balcony if you have large windows and choose the right place for tomatoes).

Ventilation: Tomatoes prefer to have daily air circulation, so - if you grow them in a closed balcony - it is good to keep the windows open (it is enough and vertical) at least a few hours a day.

When to plant seedlings in pots? At the end of April in the case of common, summer varieties (between April 20 and 30 is the optimal period).

How much do you water the tomatoes? Tomatoes should be watered daily (morning or evening) in abundance, but without water puddles. If they are in the sun when you water them, it is preferable that the water does not touch the plant (no part of it). Always follow the ground, so as to avoid mold.

Childhood and tomato cleaning All varieties must be permanently cleaned of yellowing leaves. Dwarf and "bush" varieties should be reared less or not at all (infancy means removing unproductive, secondary shoots), while other varieties are required to be bred regularly (but not excessively) as the tomatoes grow so that the plant can grow. channel resources on fruit development.

How do you pick tomatoes? As the fruits become ripe enough, pick them (do not leave a ripe tomato uncooked even for a day), so that the plant can feed the young fruits, still unripe, as well as possible, and not be difficult to bear fruit.

Valencia came off the field with Cadiz

French defender Mouctar Diakhaby accuses that he was the victim of a racist attack, in the match between Cadiz and Valencia, score 2-1. His teammates left the field in protest. The match was interrupted for 25 minutes, then resumed.

In the 32nd minute, at the score of 1-1, Diakhaby refused to stay on the pitch, accusing the stopper Juan Cala of racism. Colleagues from Valencia were on his side and abandoned the match. After 25 minutes, Diakhaby made a dash down the middle past the away team's defenders to score the goal that made it 1 - 1. It was 0 - 1 at the break.

What the world's first military submarine looked like! The wooden "secret vessel" stood under water for three hours at the first test, and thousands believed that the entire crew had died.

Military leaders from all over the world have been fascinated by the idea of ​​the existence of a submersible vessel that could move underwater without being detected by enemies, since antiquity, but everything took shape only in 1629.

Military leaders from all over the world were fascinated by the idea of ​​the existence of a submersible vessel that would move underwater without being detected by enemies, since antiquity, but everything took shape only in 1629.

If you've ever wondered what the world's first military submarine was, well, find out that one of the first concepts related to a submarine was designed by an Englishman named William Bourne, in 1578. However, dozens of his plans were made. years later, in 1629, by the Dutchman Cornelius Drebbel.

Thus, the submarine made by Drebbel was built of wood and propelled by v & acircsle. It could stay under water for several hours, as the attached tubes fed air from the surface.

A first experiment of this vessel took place in the Thames, where the submarine sank and was submerged, according to some sources, for three hours, during which thousands of Londoners had gathered on the spot, convinced that the people had perished..

Also, the Dutch poet and composer Constantijn Huygens, who witnessed the tests, wrote later about how this daring invention could be used in case of war, attack and sinking of ships.

There were many people who recognized the military potential of the submarine, and in 1718, a Russian carpenter named Yefim Nikonov wrote to Peter the Great, claiming that he could build & bdquoa secret vessel & rdquo who could travel underwater and could destroy all enemy ships.

Without hesitation, he invited Nikonov to St. Petersburg and asked him to begin construction. Three years later, he made the submarine and tested it in Peter's presence. He was overwhelmed by the results, so he asked him to build a large battleship.

Nikonov's submarine was made of wood and had the shape of a barrel. He was armed with "fire tubes", a flamethrower-like weapon. The role of the first military submarine was to approach an enemy ship, to remove the end of the "tubes" from the water, and to blow up the enemy ship with a mixture of fuels. Moreover, the submarine had a hatch through which people could get out without destroying the hold of the ship. Unfortunately, the first attempt, which took place in the autumn of 1724, was a total failure. The submarine sank, hit the bottom of the water and broke its hold. Nikonov himself, along with four other men, was inside. The crew miraculously escaped.

Nikonov did not give up and continued to improve his design, but without success. In the spring of 1725, after the death of Peter the Great, the second test of the secret ballot ended in a fiasco, as did the third, in 1727. Eventually, the patience of the Admiral of the Russian Imperial Navy was severed.

Nikonov, who had created the first military submarine, was accused of abusing public funds, reduced to temporary status and was sent to work on a shipyard on the Volga.

The first military submarine to be used successfully in combat was the so-called & rdquoTurtle & rdquo (Turtle). which was designed by David Bushnell, an American inventor, who used this vessel during the American Revolution, in 1775.

& rdquoTurtle & rdquo or & rdquoTurtle & rdquo was an egg-shaped device that could accommodate a single person. It was capable of movement and underwater operations, as it sank and allowed water to enter a tank at the bottom of the vessel and came to the surface, draining the water with a water pump. The propellers also allowed vertical and horizontal movement at a maximum speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour. The ship had enough air to reach for 30 minutes.

During the war, the submarine, which was operated by Sergeant Ezra Lee, attempted, but failed to secure an explosive charge to the hull of the English ship HMS Eagle. According to reports, Lee was discovered before he could finish the job and was forced to abandon the submarine.

Other voices, however, have said, over time, that "Turtle" never existed, but was a misinformation launched to raise the morale of the troops.

Himalayan cat

The Himalayan is a cat with a breed standard almost identical to the Persian, but with some special physical characteristics, which led to its acceptance by the International Association of Cats as a separate breed.

Also known as the Persian Colorpoint, the Himalayan breed is one of the most popular long-haired cats and has a warm temperament: it attaches quickly, is loving and loyal.

History and origin

Breeds obtained from the crossing of the Persian with the Siamese have appeared and disappeared over hundreds of years, but the current standard of the Himalayan race is based on a cross from the last century. Homologated only in the 1950s, in the USA, the Himalayan breed has its origins in cross-breeding genetic experiments from the 1920s, which aimed to obtain a Persian cat with the specific color of the Siamese.

The first Himalayan cat by modern standards was born in 1931 and was named Debutante by breeders Virginia Cobb and Clyde Keeler. However, a variety developed in Canada also contributes to the genetic inheritance of modern Himalayan cats.

The Himalayan breed bears this name due to its resemblance to several mammals specific to the Himalayas, especially the Himalayan rabbit. Currently, some feline associations consider the Himalayan cat a simple color variation of the Persian, but specimens of this breed are present in competitions in a separate group.

Exterior appearance and dimensions

The Himalayan breed is medium to large in size, as is the Persian cat, with large bones, a rounded body and a short tail. In addition to the special color of the fur, the cross between the Persian and the Siamese provided the blue eyes of the Siamese cat of this breed. The legs of Himalayan cats are short, which does not allow them to jump as high as other cats. The head is round and the neck is short and thick. The eyes are generally round and spaced, and the ears have rounded tips and a relatively small size.

There are two varieties according to which the Himalayan cats are cataloged according to the shape of the face: those with a traditional face, & # 8222doll & # 8221, with an extended snout and those with more extreme features, with a snout & # 8222crushed & # 8221, which are vulnerable in the face of a greater number of health problems.

The long fur of Himalayan cats requires daily care to prevent knots, and some cats need to be washed on their faces daily. Depending on the color of the fur, there are 5 types of Himalayan cats: blue, lilac, brown, chocolate, red and yellow.

The blue variety has a light fur and legs, dark gray face and tail with blue reflections. Himalayan cats in the lilac variety have lighter fur, brown ones have a darker brown spotted spots, those in the chocolate variety have slightly lighter fur than brown ones and pink pillows. The yellow variety has fur in lighter shades than the brown one, and the red one is very similar, the differences being sometimes difficult to emphasize.

In addition to the Himalayan cat varieties that have the face, legs and tail in well-defined colors, the Tortie and Lynx varieties have colored spots with different patterns in the colourpoint areas.


Himalayan cats have a personality that is suitable for those who are looking for a loyal and affectionate pet.

They are relaxed cats who get used to the house and are not too happy about moving.

With a sweet and melodious voice, Himalayan cats are not very vocal, but neither are very quiet cats. Most of them have moments of play, but they spend most of their time observing the activity of the people around them.

The genetic inheritance taken from the Siamese makes cats of this breed to be more active than the Persians, but they enjoy the most moments when they are caressed in a man's lap.

The Himalayan does not require too many special toys, it can be fun with a piece of crumpled paper, but once it attaches to a man it can frequently require attention.

Relationships with family and home

Due to the long fur, the Himalayan breed is more suitable for indoor than outdoor, where the fur can get dirty and iron quickly, even in a well-kept garden.

The ideal environment for such a cat is a family, in which it receives attention from several members, although it forms a primary emotional bond with a single person. The Himalayan gets along well with children or other animals, but it is not happy with small children, who can hit and run it, nor with large dogs. Even if they have a cheerful personality, most specimens do not appreciate special clothes or accessories.

Himalayan cats do not always get along well with strangers, but they prefer to hide when a new person enters their territory, not to attack.

Particular aspects

Long fur requires regular care, in most cases daily. Brushing is usually done with a stainless steel comb, which most easily removes tangled lumps, but long fur can be brushed with other special brushes. Himalayan cats do not appreciate being sheared and have a high shearing potential, which is why the whole house needs regular thorough cleaning.

Some specimens may have problems caused by excessive activity of the lacrimal glands, which leads to unsightly staining of the fur. To prevent this shortcoming, the cat's face can be washed daily with a little water.

Uncared for ears can cause infections in Himalayan cats, which is why it is recommended to clean them weekly with a cotton swab and a special solution.

Current diseases and ailments

The most common inherited condition that can affect the Himalayan race is PDK, a polycystic kidney syndrome that leads to kidney cysts that can be seen on ultrasound. In severe cases, the disease progresses to kidney failure and death. Parental DNA tests can show whether or not the kitten carries the gene that causes the disease.

In the case of Himalayan cats with extreme features (snout & # 8222strivit & # 8221) some respiratory problems can occur in stressful situations, such as transport in the hold by plane. They are made worse at high temperatures, which is why air conditioning is recommended during the summer.

Obesity can affect cats that are pampered with too many snacks throughout the day and can cause other serious health problems in Himalayan cats.

Mioara Roman, a new surgery: "My mother had a & # 8230"

Oana Roman announced on her Instagram account that her mother, Mioara Roman, needed a new surgery. The former prime minister's daughter has recently been overwhelmed by a lot of problems. He divorced his daughter's father, and the health of the woman who gave him life was precarious and required numerous investigations.

Oana Roman showed everyone how strong she is and what an extraordinary ability to manage her time, but also her emotions by the simple fact that she did not neglect her professional life and family. Moreover, optimism is her strong point and she has received many words of praise from the fans.

The support of those close to her, but also of those who follow her on social networks seems to be an additional reason for the fight, so recently, she announced to her followers on Instagram that her mother needed a new intervention from doctors.

According to her confession, Mioara Roman recovered extremely hard and lasted a long time due to the considerable size of the wound. The announcement was made right in front of the hospital, immediately after the bandages were changed.

"Today I came again with my mother to our friend Bogdan to check her bandage because her wound from the intervention has not yet completely healed, but everything is fine. In a week everything will be resolved. My mother had a very big wound and it took a long time to recover ', was Oana's confession at InstaStory.

More than a month ago, Mioara Roman needed the intervention of doctors due to an infected point of fat under the skin. Oana Roman was also supported by her sister, Catinca. Marius Elisei's ex-wife told how she was with Mioara Roman in the first days after the intervention and helped her with the change of bandages, according to the instructions received from doctors.

The Land of Legends Theme Park is located in Antalya and offers a multisensory concept, a special 5D cinema, adventure river, wave pool and hypercoaster with a length of 1.3 km and a speed of 115 km / h. The property features a semi-Olympic indoor pool and a children's pool. Guests receive a free entrance ticket to the theme park.

The rooms and suites of The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel have LED TVs with dual screens, PlayStation and a special, individual design, with fancy accents that reproduce fairytale scenes. The private bathrooms come with a bath and shower. Guests enjoy free toiletries, slippers and a hairdryer.

Chefs prepare refined dishes according to recipes from Italy, South America, Europe and other countries. The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel offers Brazilian barbecue, Italian bistro, pastry shop, smoothie bar and vitamin bar.

The hotel’s spa offers holistic therapies, massages, a Turkish bath and fitness facilities. At the water park, guests have free access to adventure and relaxation trails, such as 55 water slides.

There is a 24-hour front desk, valet parking and a gift shop.

The nearest airport is Antalya Airport, 25 km from The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel.

Helminthosis treatment

There are many medicines for worms. They aim to destroy not only adults but also eggs. Treatment of worms should be designated after diagnosis of the pathogen. In this case, the treatment will be effective. You should consult your doctor before starting treatment. This is because some anti-worm medicines are very toxic and incorrect treatment or overdose can affect the liver.

Before starting treatment, you need to install a variety of worm infestations. Treatment should be performed in combination with the administration of antihistamines. To prevent the need for treatment can be, following the rules of personal hygiene. Begin treatment can be with a change in diet, because the worms acutely react to products that have a bitter taste. In some cases, treatment involves cleansing the bowel enema. Self can aggravate the course of pathology and contribute to intoxication of the body.

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