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Black, White and Coffee Sundaes

Black, White and Coffee Sundaes

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Walnut Sauce

  • 1/4 cup (packed) golden brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 cup walnuts, toasted, cut into 1/2-inch pieces

Raspberry sauce

  • 1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries, unthawed
  • 2 tablespoons seedless raspberry jam
  • 2 tablespoons framboise eau-de-vie (clear raspberry brandy) or brandy

Chocolate Sauce

  • 6 ounces bittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, finely chopped
  • 1 pint chocolate ice cream
  • Fresh raspberries (optional)

Recipe Preparation

For Walnut Sauce

  • Bring honey, sugar and 1/4 cup water to boil in heavy small saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Boil mixture 1 minute. Remove from heat. Mix in vanilla extract, then walnuts. Transfer sauce to small bowl. Cover and chill.

For Raspberry Sauce

  • Place frozen raspberries in small bowl. Stir 1/3 cup water, sugar and cornstarch in heavy small saucepan until cornstarch dissolves. Mix in jam. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves and mixture comes to boil and thickens slightly, about 1 minute. Pour hot mixture over frozen raspberries; stir in framboise. Cover and chill.

For Chocolate Sauce

  • Bring half and half to simmer in heavy small saucepan. Add chocolate; stir until smooth. DO AHEAD Sauces can be made 2 days ahead; keep walnut and raspberry sauces cold. Cover chocolate sauce and chill. Before serving, rewarm chocolate sauce over low heat, stirring often.

  • Place 1 scoop of each ice cream in each of 6 sundae dishes. Spoon walnut sauce over chocolate ice cream, raspberry sauce over vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce over coffee ice cream. Garnish with fresh raspberries, if desired, and serve.

Reviews Section

Recipe Summary

  • 1 ¼ cups pecan halves and/or other shelled nuts
  • 3 tablespoons butter (no substitutes), melted
  • 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 teaspoons red chile powder (New Mexico-style or ground Ancho chiles)
  • 1 quart coffee ice cream or reduced-fat coffee ice cream
  • ½ cup chocolate ice cream topping

Toss together the pecan halves and/or other nuts, butter, liqueur, sugar, and red chili powder. Place in a single layer on a foil tray. Turn off all but one burner of a gas grill or prepare smoker. The temperature inside the grill or smoker should be about 225 degrees F.

Grill tray of nuts about 40 minutes or until they are dried and slightly crisp. (Nuts will crisp as they cool.) Watch closely to prevent overbrowning. Cool completely in a single layer separate nuts if necessary. Store, covered, up to 3 days.

For each serving, place a scoop of ice cream in a serving bowl, top with 1 to 2 tablespoons of chocolate ice cream topping and about 2 tablespoons candied nuts. Makes 8 servings.

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Ice cream sundae recipes

See our best ice cream sundaes with indulgent chocolate, strawberry and nut toppings. Including kid-friendly sundae bars and boozy options for adults.

Nutty caramel & choc sundaes

Reach into your storecupboard and freezer to create this sumptuous ice cream medley with salted peanuts, biscuits and caramel

Ice cream sundae bar

Create a pop-up bar for teens that serves ice cream sundaes. Choose the flavours everyone likes and offer a range of toppings so guests can help themselves

Boozy pineapple & coconut sundae

If you fancy something indulgent, this pineapple & coconut ice cream sundae with added coconut liqueur won't fail to impress

Fruity summer sundaes

Bring back memories of traditional seaside ice-cream parlours with this light fruity sundae with macadamia brittle

Blueberry sundae with candied bacon

This indulgent ice cream dessert is inspired by the sweet and salty flavours of blueberry pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup

Strawberry, melon & ginger sundaes

Let your taste buds tingle with this fruity low-fat pud

Black Forest sundaes with brownies

Based on the seventies cake classic that is Black Forest gâteau – this cherry, ice cream and brownie desert is heavenly. Don't cheat - make your own brownies too

Whizz-choc-pop super sundae

The addition of poppy candy makes this chocolate ice cream sundae really special - kids will love it

Banana ice sundaes with fudge sauce

Delectable banana ice sundae, all of the taste, none of the fat

Lighter breakfast Knickerbocker Glory

A summer sundae, but not as you know it. This brunch-friendly layered treat contains sorbet, frozen yogurt, fresh blueberries and granola

Chocolate sundaes with pear & Christmas pud

Use up leftover Christmas pudding or cake with these decadent, boozy sundaes, drizzled with a chocolate orange sauce and finished with toasted chopped hazelnuts

Coffee Coconut Ice Cream

So the no-dairy thing is going OK. I’m feeling better each time I opt for dairy-free alternatives, and I’m actually starting to crave my swig of almond milk in the mornings after my obligatory almond butter, banana toast.

I still cannot believe I haven’t had ice cream since December 2012. This is unheard of. But thankfully with options like cinnamon toast ice cream and now this coffee variety, my sanity is still intact, I haven’t strangled anyone, and my sweet tooth is somehow satisfied. Thank the Lerrrd.

This recipe is incredibly simple to throw together, requiring just four ingredients and very little hands-on prep time. I snagged my friend’s ice cream maker again, but it’s not necessary (though it makes it oh so creamy and fluffy). I’ve shared a few tips below if you’re sans-ice cream maker.

The texture of this ice cream is so creamy, the vanilla adds a lovely cappuccino flavor, the bold coffee is offset by the sweetness of the coconut milk, and it’s only slightly sweet thanks to a reduced amount of raw sugar. You can, of course, add more sugar if you like, but I prefer my coffee ice cream like I prefer my coffee – as close to black as possible. Modify as you see fit.

I almost added chocolate chunks or a fudge swirl to this recipe, but I figured I’d be a purist with this first coffee test batch. Watch out, though. More adventurous concoctions are sure to come soon, especially as the weather warms up.

Whitey's Ice Cream Menu

Made with fresh bananas. Available in pre-packaged quarts only.


Fresh banana ice cream with a graham cracker revel.

Banana Graham

Black cherry flavored ice cream with Bing cherries mixed throughout.

Black Cherry

Black raspberry flavored ice cream with a hard chocolate swirl.

Black Raspberry Chip

Black walnut flavored ice cream mixed with black walnut pieces.

Black Walnut

Blue colored, citrus flavored ice cream mixed with miniature marshmallows.

Blue Moon

Bubble gum flavored ice cream mixed with pieces of real gum.

Bubble Gum

Butter flavored ice cream with butter-roasted pecans mixed throughout.

Butter Pecan

Whitey’s own rich Dutch chocolate ice cream.


Vanilla ice cream loaded with two different kinds of chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip

Brown sugar flavored ice cream mixed with chocolate chips and real cookie dough pieces.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Dark chocolate flavored ice cream matched with fudge swirls and mixed with fudge brownie pieces.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate flavored ice cream with brownie bits mixed in and peanut butter swirled throughout.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel

Coconut ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered almonds.

Coconut Joy

Pink and blue colored ice cream with cotton candy flavoring.

Cotton Candy

KONA® coffee flavored ice cream ribboned with espresso fudge swirls and a chocolate espresso chip.

Cup O' Joe Espresso®

A creamy frozen dessert made with coconut cream and mixed with cocoa and the perfect blend of mint.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mint

Vanilla ice cream with egg yolks added for a richer flavor. Available in pints and quarts only.

French Vanilla

Graham cracker flavored ice cream with crunchy graham cracker swirled throughout.

Graham Central Station

Light raspberry flavored ice cream loaded with Gummy Bears®.

Gummy Bear®

Lime flavored ice cream with graham cracker revel swirled throughout.

Key Lime Pie

Lemon flavored ice cream with egg yolks added for a richer flavor.

Lemon Custard

Tropical mango ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry swirl.

Mango Raspberry

Green, mint flavored ice cream with two kinds of chocolate chips mixed throughout.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint ice cream mixed with a minty chocolate cookie revel and packed with chunks of OREO®.

Mint Cookie Crunch

KONA® coffee flavored ice cream matched with fudge swirls and mixed with OREO® cookie bits.

Mississippi Mud Revel

Peanut butter ice cream with chunks of peanut butter oatmeal cookies, chocolate chips and M&M’s

Monster Cookie

Vanilla ice cream with heavy fudge swirled throughout, mixed with chocolate covered peanut butter cups.

Moose Tracks®

Vanilla ice cream with a peanut butter cookie revel and pieces of chocolate covered pretzel bark.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark

Light butter pecan flavored ice cream with swirls of caramel, pecans and praline pecans (candy-coated pecans).

Praline Pecan

Lightly salted caramel ice cream with a caramel ribbon.

Salted Caramel

Camouflaged ice cream made with graham cracker and marshmallow ice cream with a ribbon of fudge, giving it a s'more taste.

Sgt. Camo®

Fresh strawberries swirled in a strawberry flavored ice cream.


Cream cheese flavored ice cream with strawberries swirled throughout and mixed with candy-coated graham cracker bits.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake flavored ice cream with blueberry swirls.

Super Blueberry Cheesecake

Chocolate flavored ice cream mixed with chocolate-covered almonds.

Swiss Almond Chocolate

Made with Whitey’s exclusive pure Madagascar vanilla bean flavoring.


Watermelon flavored sherbet.

Watermelon Sherbet

White chocolate flavored ice cream with red raspberry swirled throughout and mixed with raspberry chocolate almond flakes.

White Chocolate Raspberry

Vanilla flavored ice cream mixed with fudge swirls and chunks of OREO® cookies.

White Tiger Paws

Coconut cream flavored ice cream with coconut flakes, toasted coconut and crushed pineapple.

Cancun Coconut

Vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel ribbon

Caramel Waffle Cone

Light cinnamon flavored ice cream with cream cheese frosted homemade carrot cake pieces.

Carrot Cake

Light cherry flavored ice cream with fudge swirled throughout and chocolate covered cherry pieces.

Chocolate Cherry Bon Bon

Coffee flavored ice cream with Heath bar pieces and a fudge swirl.

Coffee Toffee

Eggnog flavored ice cream with nutmeg and rum flavoring.

Egg Nog

Chocolate flavored ice cream with coconut, pecans, brownie pieces and caramel revel swirled through

German Chocolate Cake

Vanilla flavored ice cream full of chocolate honeycomb pieces and rippled with a caramel swirl.

Honeycomb Crunch

Orange Sherbet

Peach flavored ice cream with real peach fruit pieces and a rich caramel swirl.

Peaches & Caramel

Peppermint flavored ice cream mixed with peppermint candy bits.


Peppermint flavored ice cream mixed with OREO® cookie pieces.

Peppermint Cookie

A sweet, smooth and decadent pistachio ice cream accented with pieces of pistachio, almond and pineapple.


Pumpkin flavored ice cream cooked with our special recipe which includes pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, eggs, and milk.


White chocolate flavored ice cream with cream cheese frosted homemade red velvet cake.

Red Velvet Cake

Lightly salted peanut butter flavored ice cream with a graham cracker swirl throughout.

Salted Peanut Butter Pie

Sea salt toffee flavored ice cream loaded with Heath bar pieces

Sea Salt Toffee

Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, mixed with chocolate covered caramel cups and pecans.

Turtle Tracks

Flavors options could vary based on store location.

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Shakes & Malts

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cherry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Peach, Banana*, Pineapple, Marshmallow, Pina Colada, Butterscotch, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Marshmallow, Crème de Menthe, Blueberry, Root Beer, Hot Fudge*, KONA® Coffee, Cake Batter®*, Sugar Cone*

Butterfinger®, OREO®, Snickers®, Twix®, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup®, Kit Kat®, M&M’s® (Plain or Peanut), Reese’s Pieces®, Black Cherry, Cherry Bon Bon*, Heath®, Turtle*, Praline Pecan*, Banana Split* (large only), Fudge Brownie*, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
SM $5.15 MED $5.45 LG $5.90
SM $5.40 MED $5.70 LG $6.15 *

May we suggest: Chocolate Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter Revel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Graham Central Station, Strawberry Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, Moose Tracks®
SM $5.65 MED $5.95 LG $6.40

Dips of Ice Cream

Due to COVID-19, we currently are not offering cones. All dips will be served in a cup.

Mini Dip $2.30 1-DIP $2.90 2-DIP $4.85 3-DIP $6.30
Flavor Flight (four mini-sized dips) $5.45

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mint .50 extra per dip


Chocolate, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Peach, Strawberry, Marshmallow, Raspberry, Crème de Menthe
1-DIP $3.90 2-DIP $5.75 3-DIP $7.25
Hot Fudge .30 Extra
Nuts & Whipped Cream .85 Extra

1-DIP $4.70 2-DIP $6.55
Tin Roof 1-DIP $4.30 2-DIP $6.25
Cherry Bon Bon 1-DIP $4.70 2-DIP $6.55
Brownie Under 1-DIP $5.85 2-DIP $7.65
Dusty Road 1-DIP $4.15 2-DIP $6.00
S'more 1-DIP $4.60 2-DIP $6.45

1-DIP $5.00 2-DIP $6.75 3-DIP $8.30


A malt or shake with a sundae on top – large only
Regular Boston $6.90
Hot Fudge Boston $7.20
Double Fudge Boston $7.50
Flavored Ice Cream $8.40

Sodas & Floats

Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Pineapple, Root Beer, Cherry, Lime, Orange, Crème de Menthe, Blueberry, Lemon
SM $4.10 MED $5.95 LG $7.35

Pop Float SM $3.90 MED $5.75 LG $7.15
Slush Float SM $4.10 MED $5.95 LG $7.35


SHERBET FREEZES SM $4.90 MED $5.25 LG $5.65
Vanilla, Chocolate, Root Beer, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry

Frozen Yogurts

Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Banana, Black Cherry, Cream Cheese, Chocolate OREO®, Chocolate
Cones & Dishes SM $3.95 LG $6.75
Shakes SM $5.40 MED $5.75 LG $6.15
Packages Pint $7.90 Quart $12.75


Strawberry Berry - Orange Juice & Strawberries
Three Berry Blend - Orange Juice, Strawberries, Raspberry & Blueberry
Razzle Dazzle - Orange Juice, Strawberries, Raspberries & Banana
Banana Split - Orange Juice, Strawberry, Pineapple & Banana
MED $4.20 LG $4.65
Yogurt / Ice Cream Smoothie $1.00 Extra


Chippers & Mint Chippers $3.49
Dixie Cups .95 each, $9.95 per dozen
Mini Malts $1.99
Chocolate Malt, Cookies n' Cream, Moose Tracks, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


SM $1.15 MED $1.40 LG $1.85
SM $1.60 MED $2.15 LG $2.45


Hand Packed Pint $6.49 (Dairy-Free $7.25)
Hand Packed Quart $10.49 (Dairy-Free $12.25)
Pre-Packaged Pint $2.99
Pre-Packaged Quart $4.49
Pre-Packaged 1.5 Quart $5.99

How to Throw an Easy DIY Ice Cream Sundae Party

Dish up a sundae bar, ice cream sandwiches, and tasty floats for a stress-free outdoor party. Everyone will enjoy creating and customizing their choose-your-own ice cream adventures that rival any ice cream shop. Here&aposs everything you need to make a sundae bar at home.

Ice Cream

You can go two ways here. Either set out three or four ice cream flavors to mix and match, or stick to one basic flavor and let everyone use it as a blank canvas for their sweet masterpieces. Whichever way you go, keep ice cream frosty cold by setting the containers into deep baking dishes, buckets, or bowls filled with ice. Make sure each flavor has its own dedicated ice cream scooper. Or try this: Scoop and freeze individual servings of ice cream in cupcake liners.

Want to Make Your Own Ice Cream?

Raise the sundae bar by making your own ice cream. Let Chef John show you how to made rich, delicious strawberry ice cream (and you don&apost have to cook custard!).

Need "nice cream" options for your dairy-free/vegan/paleo pals?

Related: Check out all the ice cream recipes you could possibly want, and get tips to make your own ice cream.

Dream Machine

I use the Cuisinart 1½-quart ice cream maker and I highly recommend it. The freezer bowl needs to be frozen a day in advance, so plan ahead. The mixing paddle aerates the mixture to a wonderful consistency, and mixing in any nuts or chocolate chips at the end works perfectly. – Deb Crowell (@Deb C)

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Here&aposs your chance to be a kid in a candy shop, literally. Set out a variety of sauces, crushed candies, sprinkles, nuts — the combinations are almost limitless.

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Our Sundaes

Intense 67% chocolate ice cream with jalapeno and chocolate syrups topped with chocolate whipped cream and chipotle cocoa powder.

Vanilla Ice cream with Nilla Wafers fresh blackberries, lemon curds and sweetened cream cheese topped with blackberry whipped cream.

Vanilla Latte with Almond Biscotti

Our not-too sweet strong coffee ice cream with vanilla syrup, toasted almonds, Nilla Wafers, Ghiradelli white chocolate syrup and whipped cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Snickers Adjacent ice cream hot fudge, mini M&M's Vanleer semi-sweet chocolate chips, and crushed Heath Bar topped with white chocolate whipped cream.

Chocolate Covered Coconut

Our amazing coconut ice cream topped with milk chocolate sauce with crispy rice balls and almonds with white chocolate whipped cream.

Your choice of ice cream layered with Reese's Peanut Butter Sauce, strawberry puree and Nilla Wafers topped with your choice of whipped cream.

Your choice of ice cream, hot fudge, and wet walnuts topped with whipped cream, chocolate jimmies and a cherry.

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