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Pumpkin rolls stuffed with cheese

Pumpkin rolls stuffed with cheese

Cut the zucchini into slices, sprinkle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Leave them aside for 10-15 minutes to leave them out of the water. Separately mix the cheese (I always used a weak cheese in my diet, but you can use whatever you want) with crushed garlic, grated carrot, lemon peel, green parsley, add salt and pepper to taste and a little olive oil.

Prepare a grill pan and fry the zucchini slices, fill them with the cheese mixture, roll them and tie them with leek threads.

I served them with grated carrot sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but they go very well with lettuce because we are still in season.

Have fun !!!

Recipes for our health

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Cannelloni stuffed with broccoli, zucchini and grated cheese

With the last pumpkins from the garden that we took with us on vacation, we thought of cooking something new. We came up with the idea to fill cannelloni with broccoli and pumpkin. I washed the two pumpkins, one yellow and one green, which I had, cut them into cubes, removed the large seeds and boiled them in salted water. At the same time, in a frying pan I drew some broccoli in butter that I had put in the fridge to thaw in the morning. We added salt and thin slices of garlic (also from our harvest).

After the pumpkins were boiled, I drained them in a colander. When the broccoli bunches have softened enough to be cut with a fork, I put pumpkin, salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil on top and leave them on the fire for five minutes to combine the flavors. Then I added mozzarella and a type of Greek cheese called kefalograviera, very suitable for pasta.

The next step was more meticulous, respectively filling the cannelloni pasta with the composition described above. Don't forget to taste it beforehand, to make sure there is no need for salt or other spices. Turn the oven to 180 degrees to preheat.

Then followed & # 8220assembly & # 8221. I poured tomato sauce into the pan - do not skimp, because otherwise the pasta will not soften enough. I placed cannelloni next to each other, a short distance away, so that the sauce would reach everywhere and not stick to each other. I poured another round of tomato sauce on top and sprinkled both varieties of grated cheese.

I put the tray in the oven for about 45 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. However, check after 30 minutes if the pasta has softened, it may be ready sooner. We really liked it. We hope you try this recipe and tell us how you like it!

Stuffed pumpkins for babies (from 9 months)

From the age of 9 months, you can prepare this delicious recipe for stuffed pumpkins for the little ones. You can also prepare it without meat, if you want its vegetarian version.

You will need about an hour and a half to prepare this recipe for stuffed pumpkin, the degree of difficulty being very low. Here's how to make these delicious stuffed pumpkins!

Ingredients for stuffed pumpkin:

4 medium zucchini
2 carrots
4 tablespoons rice
200 grams of chicken breast
2 tablespoons tomato juice
2 teaspoons butter / olive oil

4 steps to prepare stuffed pumpkin:

1. Peel the chicken, cut it into smaller pieces and grind it with a meat grinder. Carrots are cleaned, washed under a stream of cold water and put on a grater. Add in the same bowl as the minced meat.

2. Wash the rice and clean the impurities, then drain and add with the minced meat and carrots, mix well until you get a homogeneous composition.

3. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it in half. Remove a little from the middle pulp and add the minced meat mixture with rice.

4. In a heat-resistant dish of embarrassment, carefully add the stuffed zucchini, then add 2 teaspoons of butter or oil and a little water. You can also add 2 tablespoons of tomato juice. Place the heat-resistant vessel in the oven, preheated to medium temperature. Leave in the oven for about 60 minutes or until all the ingredients are perfectly cooked.

Peppers stuffed with cheese in the oven

Wash the pepper and cut it in half. Remove the tail and seeds.

The cheeses are crushed and mixed with a little cream or Greek yogurt, to make the composition more homogeneous. Fill the pepper halves with the cheese composition and place in a tray. Pour plenty of olive oil over them.

Place the tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C for about 20-25 minutes.

Peppers stuffed with cheese are served hot, but they are very good and cold.

TOTAL: 675 grams, 1072 calories, 41.2 protein, 87.3 fat, 26.9 carbohydrates, 9.5 fiber

Note: These calculations are approximate. If you follow a strict diet, I recommend you do your own calculations, starting from the concrete products used.

Top 5 delicious recipes with pumpkin & # 8211 sure you have to prepare them this season!

Summer has arrived, and with it began the period when we can fully enjoy the flavor of the dishes prepared from the pumpkin! Markets and shops abound in young and fresh pumpkins from which we can make a lot of tasty dishes. We offer you some delicious and easy to make recipes, which will surely convince you for sure that this vegetable deserves to be included in the daily summer menu.

Chicken breast dressed in pumpkin with sweet and sour sauce - a fresh and extremely aromatic taste!(type in the title of the recipe)
We urge you to try this recipe for tender chicken breast dressed in pumpkin with sweet-sour sauce, which have an extremely fresh, aromatic and fine taste. The chicken breast prepared according to the recipe below comes out very juicy, soft and with a taste of millions, and in combination with the other ingredients it is simply fabulous.

Zucchini in delicious cheese sauce - a dish with a fine taste and a fresh aroma! (type in the title of the recipe)
A different way to prepare pumpkins, which makes the delicious cheese and garlic sauce special. The combination of these ingredients gives the food a fresh, aromatic and very fine taste.

Zucchini, tomatoes and peppers in the oven in sour cream sauce - a warm, light food with the smell of summer! (type in the title of the recipe)
We present you a recipe for fresh vegetables baked in a delicious cream sauce, which is a warm, light dish with an inviting aroma. It is prepared extremely simply and quickly, and the result will impress your taste buds.

Pumpkin salads with parmesan - a combination of flavorful and flavorful ingredients!(type in the title of the recipe)
We present you a wonderful recipe for pumpkin oladii with the addition of parmesan, which will leave your mouth watering from the first bite. They are really very delicious, fragrant and incredibly soft, and their preparation will take a minimum of time. You won't even be able to put them hot on the plate, because you will notice how they will disappear from there immediately.

Pumpkin and tomato appetizer cake with appetizing cream and garlic sauce! (type in the title of the recipe)
A hearty, filling, soft and extremely fragrant snack, which you can prepare very quickly, simply and with minimal ingredients. In summer it is the perfect food, because it has a very light, creamy texture and a fresh aroma. Try this unique delicacy as a regular snack during the day or for a light family dinner.

100 YEAR OLD RECIPES: Zucchini (pumpkin) stuffed with chopped or rice and Vanilla ice cream

In this section we present you old recipes, taken from different & # 8221treated & # 8221 specialty, specifying, each time, the source. We suggest & # 8221Pumpkin (watermelon) stuffed with chopped or rice & # 8221 and & # 8221Vanilla ice cream & # 8221. The recipes were published in the series & # 8221Buna Maid & # 8211 Cookbook, Practice & # 8221 (1907) written by Mrs. Ecaterina Colonel Steriad.

Zucchini (pumpkin) stuffed with chopped or rice

Grate the zucchini well, scoop them out and salt them then prepare the chopped 900 gram minced and finely ground veal, put it in the nut and grind it with a slice of bagel soaked in milk, 240 grams of grated Parmesan cheese grater, pepper, the necessary salt, a very finely chopped onion and fried a little whitish in butter and a tablespoon of butter. Grind all this well in the nut, put them in a bowl, with the lemon zest and a few leaves of parsley mix all this well.
For the other filling, mix the rice with a few leaves of dill, pepper, salt and fried onion in butter, mix them, fill the zucchini and bring to a boil according to the meat juice. When you want to serve them, prepare six egg yolks with the juice of three lemons and the necessary salt, mix them well, put them on the fire to bake a little, and pour over the pumpkins.
When you want to make dishes from any kind of greens or root vegetables, scoop them along or in their roundness and fill them with the chopped one shown above and pour a cream sauce with flour or egg yolk beaten with lemon and given a boil on the fire (browned sugar sauce is added to the carrots and quince). These vegetables can also be prepared in meat, fat or butter juice sauce, some cooked with flour, others with egg, eggplant broth, browned onion sauce, strained and seasoned with lemon, or only in fat and broth, like peas, beans and others, and at the table it is served with garnishes.

Vanilla ice cream
Boil 2400 grams of sweet milk with six grams of vanilla and let it cool beat 20 eggs with their yolks and 900 grams of well-ground sugar. Pour the milk over them and mix it on the spit until it starts to heat up and thicken. Then immediately pour it into another bowl and stir it so that it does not become cheese, until it cools down, then strain it through a silk sieve into the machine and let it freeze. Only this ice cream can be baked in the oven to give warm to the table, it can be served both cold and hot. Taking it out of the mold with the spoon, where it is in the ice, put it in a round shape, placed in a tray with more ice and crushed salt.
Prepare the egg white with sugar and vanilla and beat it just like the meringue immediately grease the ice cream on top with that egg white, a little thicker than a knife edge, garnish it all around with standing biscuits, and when spreading the ice cream on top, let it fall over the biscuits in the egg-sugar composition. Then prepare the oven harder than bread, in the minute you want to serve ice cream, put it in the oven and watch until that composition browns on top, then quickly take it out of the oven, take the plate off the ice and give -take it at the table or use it as you wish.

Pumpkin Skewers and Chicken Breast - An Incredibly Tasty Dietary Recipe

Pumpkin Skewers and Chicken Breast - An incredibly tasty diet recipe.


  • 2 zucchini
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 50 g hard cheese
  • sos buoy
  • basil leaves
  • salt, black pepper
  • olive oil

Method of preparation:

1. Using a knife, cut the zucchini into long slices.

2. Place them in a tray lined with oil and bake at 180 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

3. Cut the chicken breast into slices and fry it.

4. Mix the meat with the crushed garlic.

5. Place the meat over the pumpkin slices. Add the grated cheese, basil leaves, paprika sauce.

6. Form the rolls that we catch with toothpicks and bake them at a temperature of 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

Delicious and appetizing, meat was once considered a privilege of the wealthy and was often eaten only on special occasions, at festive meals. Today, chicken is a must on the daily menu.

Being a carbohydrate-free and low-fat food, chicken / poultry is the perfect ingredient for your figure. The low caloric intake together with the high satiety power are advantages that make white chicken the first choice of those who want to lose a few kilograms.

In addition, it has been observed that the amino acids in its composition have a tonic action on the nervous system and decrease appetite.

The only condition to get the benefits of meat is to choose meat sauces that are as low in fat as possible (it is recommended to remove the skin from the chicken because it contains about 3/4 of the fat that a chicken has).

Peppers stuffed with cream cheese (without heat processing)!

Stuffed peppers? Yes, even them! It's just that this time we don't fry, we don't boil and we don't bake anything. We prepare them as an appetizer! The key ingredient is cream cheese, but it can be replaced with fermented cream (previously kept in gauze, under weight, to remove all the whey) or the same cream combined with kefir (subjected to the same procedure). Try this delicacy! You won t regret!


-ΒΌ teaspoon of paprika

-3 teaspoons of herbs from Provence


1.Wash the sweet peppers. Clean them of stalks and seeds, preserving their integrity.

2.Prepare the filling: mix the cream cheese with the paprika, the pickled cucumbers and the dill, which you chopped very finely.

3. Fill the peppers with the obtained composition.

4.Prepare the dressing: combine water, olive oil, herbs from Provence and garlic passed through the garlic press.

5. Put the stuffed peppers in a deep bowl, placing them as compact as possible. Pour the dressing over them.

6. Refrigerate the dish for 3-4 hours, so that the peppers penetrate with the flavors of the dressing ingredients.