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Fish Sauce Recipes

Fish Sauce Recipes

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10 sauces perfect to accompany fish dishes

I am convinced that if the fish is fresh, the less it is seasoned, the tastier it is. Despite this, from time to time, I enjoy preparing sauces to enhance the taste. Think of the important lunches, such as those on Sundays, in which you have guests: a simple steamed sea bass fillet, but served with a herb sauce will make it a delicious dish. Or a grilled salmon, enhanced by the presence of ginger, will surely be a hit on the table. Could you ever think of serving shrimp and prawn cocktails without the classic pink sauce? Today, then, we offer you some recipes to prepare at home perfect sauces to accompany fish . Sweet, herbal, slightly spicy, with a touch of tarragon or lemon: choose the one that's right for you.

The best fish starters

To make a good impression with important guests or to celebrate important events without incurring nasty surprises, it is better to rely on reliable fish appetizer recipes. Our recipes are perfect for any occasion, many offer original ideas for serving more or less usual ingredients, while others are simpler and faster, suitable for those with little time to spend in the kitchen. In our collection of recipes, carefully chosen for you, you can find both cold and hot fish appetizers, therefore to be adapted to different tastes and different seasons. You can choose between the recipes of fish appetizers starting with an ingredient you like or according to what you have available at home, or according to the tastes of your guests. On the site you will not only find traditional recipes, such as seafood salad and octopus salad, but also many very original fish appetizers. You are really spoiled for choice, you just have to try all the recipes!

Turnip greens: 10 easy and delicious recipes

Detoxifying and very rich in folic acid, the turnip greens they are a typical vegetable of the South, but widespread throughout Italy. Just think of the very famous orecchiette with turnip tops , a characteristic first course of Puglia and known everywhere. Are they part of your diet? If you've never prepared them before, know that turnip greens are very versatile and can be cooked in many ways: for example, they can be a good side or they can also be transformed into a sauce to accompany pasta, just like it happens in the South.

If you need iron, consume the turnip greens lightly blanch and season them with lemon, they will allow you to assimilate it more easily. Boiled turnip greens are great even if you are on a diet because they contain few calories. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a delicious recipe for a dinner with family or friends, here is our selection of recipes with turnip greens, delicious and tasty: try them in combination with fish, in the sophisticated ones spaghetti with clams and turnip greens, or with thebaked egg, for a last minute brunch but of great effect, or even in some pies of cicerchie and turnip greens. You will make a great impression!

The secrets for excellent fish sauces

Preparing the fish sauce is not easy, in fact often you do not have a full knowledge of the product or it even happens that you do not know its flavor at all. For this reason, before starting to cook a dish it is always better to inquire so as to perform the right cooking for that type of dish. meat. At the same time, the ingredients must be combined in a special way in order for them to blend in the best possible way. Some combinations, even if valid on paper, do not give the best, s betterperpetuate before an important occasion to avoid running the risk of making a mistake on a particular dinner.

The secret of a good sauce is obviously the use of fresh fish, perhaps freshly caught or frozen of quality. This is the starting point that ensures you cook a great dish. Garlic in general is perfect for the preparation of fish sauces even if for some recipes, onion or shallot is more suitable. The fresh parsley, in the case of white preparations or with cherry tomatoes, it enhances the flavor of the fish in all its nuances, giving unique flavors. The lemon zest is a fresh ingredient which goes very well with very simple sauces that need an extra touch of freshness.

Recipes Greece

The most characteristic and oldest element in Greek cuisine is theolive oil, which is present in almost every recipe. The grain most used in the recipes of Greek cuisine is the wheat, but also there'barley it is grown and used in abundance. The most important vegetables in Greek cooking recipes include the tomato, there aubergine, there potato, i green beans and the onions. The honey often used in Greek recipes, comes mainly from the nectar of citrus trees (lemon, orange), thyme and pine.

The main farms are those of sheep whose presence in the recipes of Greek cuisine is very strong. Also very important are the fish-based recipes, especially in coastal regions. In Greek recipes, a large variety of cheeses such as the Feta, the Kasseri and the Mizithra.

Between recipes typical of appetizers of Greek cuisine we find: the Greek Salad, the tzatziki (yogurt with melon and puree), the Taramosalata, L'Horta (salad with lemon and olives), i Dolmades, i Spanakopita (spinach wrapped in puff pastry), the Tyropita (cheese roll), the Boureki (vegetable roll) and the Saganaki (fried cheese).

Very important in Greek cuisine are the recipes for soups: the Fasolada, the Fakes (lentil soup), la Mageiritsa (lamb offal soup), la Psarosoupa (fish soup), la Avgolemono (soup made with chicken, meat, fish and vegetables), la Trahana and the Patsas (tripe soup).

The recipes typical of first dishes of Greek cuisine include: the moussaka, the Kleftiko, lo Stifado (beef stew with onions, red wine and cinnamon), the Souvlaki (skewers of chicken, pork, swordfish or shrimp marinated in oil, chilli, oregano and lemon), Gyros, lo Spetsofai (dish with sausage, peppers, onion and wine), le Keftedes (fried meatballs with oregano and mint), the Pastitsio and it Yahni (meat or fish stew, with vegetables and olives).

Between recipes for the dessert we find: the baklava, the Loukoumades, the Karidopita, the Vasilopita, the Tsoureki, the Koulourakia, the Kourabiedes, the Melomakarona, the Galaktoboureko, the Milopita and the Rizogalo.

Between drinks finally we find typical: the Wine, the Beer, L'Ouzo, the Tsipouro, the Retsina, the Mavrodafni, the Metaxa, the Greek coffee and the Greek Coffee Milkshake.

In this section we offer you a collection of typical recipes of Greek cuisine.

Recipes for Sauces - Comments, Opinions and Ratings of the best Recipes for Cooking Sauces

Guacamole is an ancient sauce of Mexican origin invented at the time of the Aztecs. It is very simple to prepare and can be served alone as an appetizer or can accompany a simple one. [continues]

Chinese bitter-sweet sauce

Recipe read 25,734 times

Soy and tomato based sauce typical of traditional Chinese cuisine, ideal to accompany small pieces of chicken with almonds or grilled vegetables.

Genoese pesto

Recipe read 18,513 times

Genoese pesto is a typical sauce of traditional Ligurian cuisine based on basil, cheese and pine nuts. It is excellent for seasoning dry pasta and gnocchi.

Bechamel sauce

Recipe read 10,887 times

The origins of the bechamel sauce are French, it is a very simple recipe both for the easy availability of the ingredients and for the preparation process. It is often used for seasoning. [continues]

Hollandaise sauce

The Dutch sauce is made with eggs and butter. It is a sauce that must be prepared at the moment of use and is ideal to accompany poultry, fish, or boiled vegetables given its delicate flavor.

Parisian sauce

The Parisian sauce is one of the typical preparations of French gastronomy. It is very delicate and is excellent to accompany second courses of pork, veal and lamb.

Spanish sauce

The Spanish sauce is used with the addition of other substances to prepare the so-called "brown sauces". It is excellent to accompany grilled meats or poultry.


Ketchup is a tomato-based sauce of oriental origin with a slightly spicy flavor. It is ideal to accompany vegetables and roasted meats or fried potatoes.

Mornay sauce

Mornay sauce is excellent to accompany eggs, fish or vegetables.

Genoese-style walnut sauce

Typical Genoese sauce prepared with a delicious and creamy walnut pesto enriched with soft ricotta and slices of bread. It can be kept in the fridge for about a week covered with a drizzle of oil. [continues]

Fish Sauce Recipes - Recipes

Ius in pisce elixo

Piper, ligusticum, cuminum, cepulam, origanum, nucleos, careotam, mel, acetum, liquamen, synapi, oleum modice, ius calidum si velis, uvam passam.

De re coquinaria, 435

Aliter in pisce elixo

Teres piper, ligusticum, coriandolum viridem, satureiam, cepam, ovorum vitella cocta, passum, acetum, oleum et liquamen.

De re coquinaria, 436

Olus molle ex holisaster

Coctum ex aqua nitrata expressum concides minutum et teres piper, ligusticum, satureiam siccam cum cepa sicca, liquamen, oleum et vinum.

De re coquinaria, 103

Apium coques ex aqua nitrata exprimes et concides minutatim. In mortario teres piper, ligusticum, origanum, cepam, vinum, liquamen et oleum. Coques in pultario, et sic apium commisces.

De re coquinaria,104

Carotae seu parsnip

Carotae frictae oenogaro inferentur.

De re coquinaria, 122

Carrot elixatas concisas in cuminato oleo modico coques et inferes.

De re coquinaria, 124

Ius diabotanon in pisce frixo

Piscem quemlibet curas, lavas, friges. Teres piper, cuminum, coriandri semen, laseris radicem, origanum, rutam, fricabis, suffundes acetum, adicies careotam, mel, defritum, oleum, liquamen, temperabis, refundes in caccabum, facies ut ferueat. Cum ferbuerit, piscem frictum perfundes, piper asperges et inferes.

De re coquinaria, 434

Pullum elixum ex iure sua

Teres piper, cuminum, timi modium, feniculi semen, mentam, rutam, laseris radicem suffundes acetum, adicies careotam, et teres, mellae, vinegar, liquamine et oleo temperavis. Pullum refrigeratum et siccatum mittes, quem perfusum inferes.

De re coquinaria, 243

Liquamine, oleo, mere vel ex liquid, pipere, lasere

Piper, ligusticum, nucleos infusos.Suffunde mel, acetum, liquamines, temperabis.

De re coquinaria,327-328-329

Mittes in furnum. Teres piper, rutam, cepam, satureiam, damascena enucleata, laseris modicum, vinum, liquamen et oleum. Fervens colluitur in disc, former sumitur vinegar.

De re coquinaria, 365

Pira elixa et purgata and medio teres cum pipere, cumin, step, liquamines, oleo modico. Ovis missis patinam facies, piper super asperges et inferes.

De re coquinaria, 162

Porcellum oenococtum

Porcellum praeduras, orna. Adice in caccabum oleum, liquamen, vinum, aquam obliga fasciculum leeks, coriandri medium coctura colora defruto. Adice in mortarium piper, ligusticum, careum, origanum, apii semen, laseris radicem. Frica, suffunde liquamen, ius de suo sibi vino et passo tempera obliga amulo, porcellum compositum in perfunde patina, piper asparge et infer.

De re coquinaria, 377

Sauce for boiled fish

Pepper, ligustico, cumin, spring onion, oregano, walnut kernels, carrot, honey, vinegar, garum, mustard, oil in moderation, hot broth if you want, raisins.

Sauce for fish boiled in another way

You will chop pepper, ligustico, green coriander, savory, onion, cooked egg yolks, raisin wine, oil and garum.

Cooked in crushed salted water, you will cut into pieces and mince the pepper, ligustico, dry savory with dried onion, garum, oil and wine.

The puree of legumes in another way

You will cook the celery in salted water, mash it and cut it into small pieces. In the mortar you will chop the pepper, the ligustico, the oregano, the onion, the wine, the garum and the oil. You will cook in the earthenware pot and so you will add the celery.

Fried carrots are served to the table with wine sauce.

Carrots in another way

You will cook the boiled and sliced ​​carrots in cumin sauce with a little oil and serve them.

Vegetable sauce for fried fish

Prepare, wash and fry the fish you want. You will chop and chop some pepper, cumin, coriander seed, silphium root, oregano, rue, you will pour some vinegar, you will add a carrot, honey, cooked wine, oil, garum, you will mix and you will pour in the pot and you will do it until it boils. When it is boiled, you will wet the fried fish, sprinkle some pepper and serve it.

Chicken cooked in its own gravy

You will chop the pepper, cumin, a handful of thyme, fennel seed, mint, rue, silphium root, pour the vinegar, put and chop a carrot with honey, vinegar, garum and oil. You will put the cooled and dried chicken, which you will serve wet.

With liquamen sauce, oil, pure or derived from liquamen, pepper and silphium

Pepper, ligustico, walnut kernels. Add honey and vinegar, you will dilute with liquamen.

Parthian lamb or kid

You will put it in the oven. You will chop pepper, rue, onion, savory, pitted Damascus plums, a little silfio, wine, liquamen and oil. While still hot, we dip the vinegar on the plate and eat it

Pork in wine sauce

Prepare and let the pork flavor. Add oil, garum, wine, water to a saucepan, add a handful of leeks, color coriander halfway through cooking with wine. Put pepper, privet, cumin, oregano, celery seed, silphium root in a mortar. Chop and pour the garum, the fat poured from the pig itself, add the wine and the passito mix with flour, put the well prepared pork in a pan, sprinkle the pepper.


  • 300 grams of flour 00
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt to taste.
  • 1 sea bass or other fish with white meat and a delicate taste
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 g. of ricotta
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 sprig of fresh marjoram
  • 1 small carrot
  • 1 stick of celery
  • 1 small onion
  • a few sprigs of parsley
  • 1 stale sandwich
  • 1/2 glass of milk

How to make fish and pistachio ravioli

Pistachios they go well with the grouper. We now propose a recipe for a really exquisite and delicious first course.

Just cook 300 g of grouper fillets in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and blend with 100 ml of white wine, completing cooking for 10 minutes. Then season with salt and add about 20 chopped pistachios. With this mixture you will fill the pastry for your ravioli.

For the juice instead you will have to fry 1 clove of garlic in a little extra virgin olive oil and then add another 150 g of chopped grouper fillets, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste and 75 g of chopped pistachios. Leave on the fire for 5 minutes, in the meantime cook the ravioli in abundant salted water, drain and put them in a pan with its sauce. Enjoy your meal!

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