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Nobu Hotel Las Vegas Debuts Gorgeous 10,000-Sq.-Ft. Skytop Villa for First Anniversary

Nobu Hotel Las Vegas Debuts Gorgeous 10,000-Sq.-Ft. Skytop Villa for First Anniversary

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Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the first in the world for the brand, is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the opening of one of the most opulent Vegas suites. The Skytop Nobu Villa, perched at the very top of the hotel and set to open in the fall, is comprised of 10,300 square feet of space (5,600-square-foot interior, 4,700-square-foot terrace). And of course, it has its own Nobu sushi bar.

The rates for the villa have not been released yet, but we expect they will at least equal that of Ceasars Palace’s top priced Octavius Tower Villas at up to $40,000-plus per night, making it one of the world’s most expensive suites, and certainly among the top five on the planet.


The three-bedroom accommodation, designed by David Rockwell, Nobu’s longtime architect and design partner, was created to be modern, sophisticated and simple, with layered materials and key architectural elements. The décor features rich shimmering fabrics, warm woods and bronze finishes, and custom artwork adorning the astonishing space. A private elevator whisks guests up to the villa, and a custom antique bronze elevator door opens to the entry with an art gallery showcasing a series of sandblasted wood and gold panels, created by Brooklyn artist Jill Hotchkiss, which depict ancient Japanese landscapes.

Other highlights include soaring ceilings, a gym and massage room, a dramatic media and game room featuring a bespoke billiard table with black and white felt and a custom cherry blossom print, an Omakase sushi bar where a Nobu chef can prepare and serve meals, and a stone-base fireplace positioned at the top of the steps leading to the living room. In the dining area, the 10-person round table sits under a custom chopstick-inspired chandelier. Lastly, the master bedroom comes with an oversized platform bed with a tall black oak and white ceruse headboard.

The terrace overlooks the Las Vegas Strip and has a robatayaki grill, zen garden and Japanese-inspired onsen pool on its deck. The multi-functional space can also be used as a venue for parties for up to 120 people. “The expansive villa is the pinnacle of the Nobu Hotel,” says Shawn Sullivan, Partner and Studio Leader at Rockwell Group. “We wanted to further showcase and interpret the Nobu aesthetic, and designed a luxurious and modern environment inspired by Japanese art, design and culture.”

Watch the video: Nobu Villa Debuts at Nobu Hotel. Caesars Palace Las Vegas (May 2022).


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