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Could You Survive on Mariah Carey's Wedding Diet?

Could You Survive on Mariah Carey's Wedding Diet?

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The pop icon’s wedding diet truly is a vision of love

All we want for Christmas is to diet like you, Mariah.

We don’t blame you if you thought that Mariah Carey’s wedding diet would be something absurd like a fad or crash diet. It’s safe to assume that Carey will be saying, “Touch my body,” to fiancé James Packer, but her wedding day bod won’t be one that was created with crazy calorie restrictions, a juice cleanse, or anything else that sounds unpleasant.

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Let’s see how many Mariah Carey song puns we can work into this next sentence: In order to make it happen, Carey will be eating a dieter’s fantasy, holding in her emotions until one sweet day when she can eat happily with her dreamlover, Packer. Was that good? Did it make sense? Doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Carey is still enjoying cheese while on her wedding diet.

That’s right, in addition to sushi, Chilean sea bass, and chicken salad with light mayo or mustard, Brie with low-fat crackers has made it into this bride’s wedding day preparatory repertoire. She’s also consuming plenty of high-quality proteins like chicken, beef, and shrimp, along with greens and asparagus. Each morning, Carey enjoys some type of smoothie or protein shake. This sounds #beautiful, but we’re dying to know: If this is your wedding diet, how do you normally eat, Mariah?


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