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Toast the Holidays With a Bubbly That Reminds You of Home

Toast the Holidays With a Bubbly That Reminds You of Home

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This holiday-edition Champagne is the perfect hostess gift

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It’s the time of year when we’re drowning in party invitations, and most of these events require a host gift or the perfect bubbly for a toast. We think we’ve a bottle that ticks both boxes.

Nicolas Feuillatte, a renowned Champagne producer, has released its limited-edition Cityscape gift boxes ($36), which feature various cityscapes including the iconic Los Angeles skyline. These elegant gift boxes hold a bottle of the vineyard’s Brut Réserve. Whether you’re home or traveling, bringing a memento of a special place makes a perfect hostess gift for toasting the holidays.

In addition to the Cityscape gift boxes, Nicolas Feuillatte is releasing two Limited Edition ‘Enchanted Vine’ Bottle Sleeves featuring their Brut Réserve and Brut Rosé, which offer a beautiful addition to any tablescape.

Additionally, the brand also offers a variety of gift sets perfect for any champagne imbiber. A pink duffle bag is packed with one to three bottles or a single bottle with two champagne flutes, champagne duo or trio wood gift boxes, and Palmes d’Or elegant presentation cases.

Not in the mood for bubbly, we’ve rounded up 50 other festive choices for your holiday meal.

Keep your Champage fresh with our tips for storing and serving:


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