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Robert De Niro and Prince Albert Preside Over Opening of New Nobu in Monaco

Robert De Niro and Prince Albert Preside Over Opening of New Nobu in Monaco

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Given that it’s one of the world’s most evocative enclaves of the rich and famous, it’s surprising that Monaco has never had a Nobu. Until now, that is. The other day, celebrity chef and restaurateur Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa celebrated the long-awaited opening of his restaurant at the Fairmont Monte Carlo, a four-star “convention resort” located in the heart of the Principality between the Mediterranean Sea and the legendary Casino. Nobu’s business partner Robert De Niro and Prince Albert of Monaco presided over an opening ceremony wherein two hundred prestigious guests were served a traditional Japanese Sake Ceremony on a stage set in the center of the restaurant.

The new Nobu outpost features a sleek, modern design with 152 seats, including a chic terrace with great views of the harbor and yacht marina, a large sushi bar, plush lounge and two private rooms for high rollers. Lorvellec Jerome (formerly of Nobu in Athens, Greece and Perth, Australia) will oversee the kitchen, along with the hotel’s executive chef Philippe Joannes. In addition to a wide variety of sushi and sashimi Nobu’s signature take on Japanese cuisine will be on offer, including world-renowned specialties like his black cod with miso and yuzu.


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