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Hot Dog Recipes

Hot Dog Recipes

  • Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs

    Cheesy Baked Hot Dogs! Take a perennial kid favorite—hot dogs—to the next level by adding cheese and baking them in the oven to crispy, gooey perfection. Some onions and relish help, too.

  • Elise Bauer

    Chili Dog

    American classic chili dog, grilled hot dog on a bun, smothered in ground beef chili sauce, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and onions.

  • Elise Bauer

    Hot Dog Stroganoff

    Hot Dog Stroganoff! A family favorite, hot dog slices sautéed with onions in a sour cream sauce, served with noodles. Easy to make, easy on the budget, and kids love it! Takes only 20 minutes, start to finish.

  • Nick Evans

    Hot Dogs with Spicy Kimchi Slaw

    Punch up your summer grilling with these hot dogs with spicy kimchi slaw! It's an easy way to use up any kimchi in the fridge — or try it for the first time. These are a great weeknight family meal, or served to a crowd at your next cookout.

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