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  • Elise Bauer

    Perfect Cheesecake

    Say hello to your new favorite cheesecake recipe! This is a classic New York cheesecake, baked in the oven. A water bath, plus lots of tips and guidance, help you make the best, silkiest, creamiest cheesecake EVER.

  • Cindy Rahe

    Homemade Vanilla Cake

    If you've been searching for the perfect, easy-to-make, but totally delicious homemade vanilla cake, this recipe is for you! It's light, fluffy, and works great for any occasion!

  • Cindy Rahe

    How to Make Classic Tiramisu

    Here's how to make a classic tiramisu, step-by-step. Made with whipped egg yolks, sugar, rum, mascarpone, and whipped cream, layered with coffee-dipped ladyfingers. Great make-ahead dessert for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and holiday parties.

  • Cindy Rahe

    Texas Sheet Cake

    A chocolate sheet cake the size of Texas! This thin cake is blanketed with a warm, pourable frosting and topped with pecans. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser!

  • Elizabeth Stark

    Chocolate Peppermint Swiss Roll

    This chocolate peppermint Swiss roll is so pretty and festive! The cake is filled with peppermint whipped cream. Topped with chocolate ganache and candy canes. Step-by-step recipe with photos.

  • Elise Bauer

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Tall and creamy Pumpkin Cheesecake! With a bourbon splashed pumpkin cream cheese filling and a pecan graham cracker crust.

  • Elise Bauer

    Persimmon Pudding Cake

    Rich and wonderful persimmon pudding cake, made with hachiya persimmon pulp, eggs, butter, milk, vanilla, flour, sugar, spices, and chopped nuts.

  • Elise Bauer

    Banana Sheet Cake

    Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting - an easy banana cake, made as a sheet cake! The cake has super banana flavor paired with a sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. This banana sheet cake is perfect for a large gathering.

  • Garrett McCord

    Triple Ginger Gingerbread Cake

    Time for gingerbread! This old-fashioned gingerbread cake is loaded with three kinds of ginger: ground, fresh, and candied. It's an extra-special treat to have around the holidays.

  • Elise Bauer

    Cherry Clafoutis

    Fresh cherries baked in a custard-like base with slivered almonds, almond and vanilla extract. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

  • Steve-Anna Stephens

    Hummingbird Cake

    Hummingbird Cake is a Southern classic! It's a spiced pineapple-banana cake topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans. Serve it for Easter or any family gathering.

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