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  • Prerna Singh

    Indian Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken simmers in a buttery tomato sauce and is punctuated by several special spices and herbs. Skip the Indian takeout and cook up your very own version of the popular dish!

  • Irvin Lin

    Simple Soft Sugar Cookies

    Simple Soft Sugar Cookies! Soft and chewy, just like when we were kids. Serve them plain, with frosting, or sprinkled with colored sugars. They're ready for a birthday party, potluck, or bake sale!

  • Sara Bir

    Apricot Hamantaschen

    Get ready for Purim with Apricot Hamantaschen! These fruit filled cookies are like little pies. We're making these with a dried apricot filling, but it's easy to swap in your favorite.

  • Sally Vargas

    Homemade Flour Tortillas

    Homemade flour tortillas are easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen. All it takes four simple ingredients (one is water) and about 1 hour – that includes a 30-minute rest time! No special equipment needed.

  • Cindy Rahe

    Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

    This quick, easy, fluffy, spreadable, pipeable, food-dye-able, not-too-sweet, but totally delicious vanilla buttercream frosting is a baker’s dream! This is your go-to buttercream frosting!

  • Nick Evans

    Mini Garlic Butter Pretzels

    These Mini Butter Garlic Pretzels are the perfect snacking size! Serve them piled high for a game day snack or alongside pasta instead of garlic bread. Crazy good!

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