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Chicken breast with refreshing sauce and couscous

Chicken breast with refreshing sauce and couscous

Chicken breast, wash very well, dry, cut in half and marinate for 2 hours with salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons olive oil, peel and lemon juice.

In the meantime we are preparing refreshing sauce:

Over the Greek yogurt we put 3 cloves of crushed garlic, the hot pepper without seeds, the 2 strands of green onion, parsley, mint - finely chopped. Season with salt and pepper; the result is a great sauce :)

Heat olive oil in a pan and fry the chicken breast for a few minutes on low heat, on all sides.

The small pasta (cus-cus) is prepared according to the instructions on the envelope but with chicken soup. When they are ready, mix them with the drained chickpeas from the canned water.

Prepare each plate for serving with sliced ​​chicken breast, refreshing sauce and garnish with chickpeas.

I wish you good luck! :)

The recipe reminds me of the trip from France on the occasion of an exchange of experience where the hosts prepared our traditional duck breast in pepper crust.

Leave the duck breast for half an hour at room temperature. We cut the skin with a knife (see photo) and season it with ground pepper and salt.
Put the breast in an oil-free pan, unheated, over low heat, with the skin down. After 2 minutes we increase the temperature. Fry it for 4 minutes on both sides, then put it in the hot oven for 10 minutes.
Let it rest at room temperature for 8-10 minutes before cutting it.

Mix the couscous cup with the hot chicken soup, salt and pepper. We cover it and let it cook for 10 minutes.
Boil the broccoli in salted water until the stem softens a little, then drain it and sprinkle with pepper.

Add balsamic vinegar and wine in a saucepan and let them drop to almost half. Then add the sugar, rosemary, berries and cook for another 3 minutes. Towards the end we add a tablespoon of butter.

We mount the couscous on the plate, then we put the broccoli, then the chopped duck breast and the berry sauce on top.
Good appetite!

Chicken breast with refreshing sauce and couscous - Recipes

It's actually a slightly more elaborate salad, but it was pretty hard to put all the ingredients in the title :))

We thought of a combination we hadn't tried before and stopped at it. Initially, the recipe contained rice, but we put couscous because we like it more. In any variant you want to try it is just as tasty and light.

  • 1 chicken breast prepared on the grill, 50 gr couscous boiled couscous, 2-3 lettuce leaves, 1 tomato, 1/2 kapia pepper, 1/2 onion, 2 slices feta cheese, 5-6 olives, green basil, juice to half a lemon, salt, olive oil.

I broke the salad and put it on the plate. I finely chopped the peppers and tomatoes and added them.

I put the diced cheese, julienned onions and olives on the edges.

In the middle I put the couscous and the chicken pieces.

I added oil, lemon juice, salt and decorated with green basil.

Delicious and easy to prepare!

PS. I found green basil in the market, so I stocked up. Because I took a larger sprig of basil, I put it in a bowl of water to last for several days. And I took the opportunity to make more delicious recipes with fragrant basil :)

Grilled chicken breast with a & quottwist & quot


4 halves of chicken breast (about 100 g each), without skin and bone
a quarter teaspoon of salt
a pinch of black pepper
a third cup of finely chopped green onions
a tablespoon of chopped hot peppers
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
125 g cranberry jam
optional: 125 g orange jam
2 tablespoons fresh coriander, chopped
a tablespoon and a half of lemon juice
2 tablespoons cream cheese

Sprinkle with salt and pepper on the chicken breast pieces. Heat a grill pan over medium heat and cook the chicken for 5 minutes on each side or until ready. Keep warm.

Mix the onion, hot pepper, vinegar and the 2 jams in a medium bowl. Mix a tablespoon of coriander and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mix a tablespoon of coriander, a teaspoon and a half of lemon juice and cream cheese in a small bowl, mixing well to a homogeneous consistency. Put the cranberry sauce generously on a plate. Put the chicken on the blueberry sauce and decorate with a teaspoon of coriander cream on top.

The unexpected combination of flavors will give a new dimension to any grill - the dry flavor of the steak grilled chicken breast it's like a canvas for the sour and consistent taste of the blueberry sauce and for the invigorating surprise of a stinging coriander sauce!

Chicken with Piri-Piri sauce

Returning to the old pleasure of chicken breast :), I propose a very tasty recipe, namely chicken with piri-piri sauce. I know it sounds funny and weird but this is the name of the sauce that is made with kapia peppers and garlic. Together with the chicken, form a happy team that you can serve with rice, vegetables or couscous.

We really liked it, so I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Chicken with Piri-Piri sauce

  • 1 fillet chicken breast
  • 4 capsicums
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 kilo (optional)
  • salt pepper
  • a little bit of oil

You can make the sauce in 2 ways.

1. Cut the peppers into pieces, add the lemon juice and put them in a saucepan over low heat. When they reach the boiling point, add the crushed garlic, pepper and chili.

Put them in a blender, mix and get a paste.

2. Bake the peppers, clean them (I had baked and frozen peppers) and put them together with the lemon juice, garlic, chili and pepper in a blender. Mixed.

Cut the chicken breast in half.

Then make small cuts (see photo).

Put a little oil and place the breast pieces in the pan.

Put the sauce on it (insist on cuts) and bake in the oven heated to 200g C for 20-30 min.

Serve with mashed potatoes, vegetables, rice.

The chicken breast is tender and the sauce is very fragrant.

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Chicken breast with refreshing sauce and couscous - Recipes

Again a very good dukan recipe and easy to prepare. I invite you to prepare it for PP days, but also for PL days in combination with a refreshing salad with yogurt. Unlike a simple grill, the chicken prepared according to this recipe is much more fragile.

Attack Phase, Cruise (PP, PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization

-1 chicken breast (depending on the size come out 2 or 3 servings)

- spices - oregano, basil, cinnamon, paprika, pepper, salt (one knife tip from each)

- 1 lgt of olive oil (only starting with the cruise phase)

- ½ lgt of grated lemon peel

Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and set aside. From the rest of the ingredients, prepare a marinade that covers the chicken fillets (Caution! Do not put the olive oil on the attack phase). Be sure to grease them well (possibly rub them against each other) because not much marinade sauce comes out as in other recipes. Leave in the refrigerator in the covered dish for 4-5 hours. Place on a hot grill and cook normally like a barbecue. An alternative to the simple but much tastier grill.

How to make chicken breast with basil sauce (mint) and lemon

Chicken breast cut into strips, then will fry in a little pan butter, as much as it will change color (will become whitish), then transfer to a bowl and add to the pan where I put the rest of butter and oil, onion cut fish to quality (as long as it becomes translucent), tomatoes that I have scalded, cleaned of skin and finely chopped.

Let everything boil at slow fire (about 25-30 minutes), until a S.O.S decreased by tomatoes, adding the chicken pieces, letting them boil together again 30 minutes.

This one chicken food will be served in stretched white plates along with some natural potatoes with 1-2 tablespoons basil sauce (mint) on top.


I hear the question more and more: & # 8222What can I do with a chicken breast? & # 8221. This is after most of us got bored of the eternal grilled chicken breast, sometimes too penetrated, too dry, too drowning & # 8230 However, chicken breast remains one of the keys to a more balanced, lighter diet.

Hence the need for imagination, to replace boredom with tasty and appetizing dishes that do not turn our meal into a routine. Below, another example of chicken prepared in a maximum of 15 minutes, with an ingredient less used in Romanian kitchens.

Ingredient. For 2 servings. Chicken breast & # 8211 a piece of couscous granules & # 8211 200 g bird soup & # 8211 a cup of butter & # 8211 20 g pesto sauce & # 8211 a tablespoon of juice from a quarter of a lemon a few arugula leaves.

What is couscous? Granules of corn starch and wheat flour or, in a very traditional version, only of durum wheat, the one also used for the production of very good quality pasta. Originally from the Arab countries, it is very often used as a garnish for meat, fish, vegetables with sauce, etc. It is cooked or steamed. I chose the first option here.

First I heated the soup. When it boiled, I put the piece of butter and let it melt. Then I put the couscous granules, mixed and put on low heat. I let it swell.

Then I stopped the fire and covered the vessel. From time to time, I mixed the granules to see if they had absorbed all the liquid from the pan. When it was ready, it showed as you can see below. It takes a little care and the right amount of liquid, so that the granules do not absorb more than they should, so that everything does not turn into porridge. The couscous granules are good to stay & # 8222al dente & # 8221.

Meanwhile, I cut the chicken breast into pieces of a suitable thickness and grilled them, then I cut them into strips suitable for the fork.

Then, in a fairly large bowl, I put the pesto sauce and lemon juice. I added the chicken breast pieces and all the couscous. I mixed well, taking care to leave the couscous quite airy, not to make a paste. At the end, I put the few sour arugula leaves. I didn't need salt because it already had bird soup.

Tempting and simple enough? That's what I say. The chicken breast borrows from the moisture of the other ingredients and becomes really nice. What's more, everything is very fast, you don't dirty a lot of dishes and you know exactly what you're eating. By the way, it is good to know that, like all other cereal foods, couscous has a high carbohydrate index (73%), so it would be good to eat it in small and controlled amounts if you follow a diet that has considering these parameters.

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Chicken with eggplant and couscous

2. Wash the carrot, clean it and cut it into slices. Do the same with the onion, just chop it finely.

3. Put a little oil in the pan and add the carrot and chopped onion. Let it harden a little then add the chicken. Cover with a lid and leave for another 5 minutes.

4. Add the cleaned and diced eggplant and about 150ml of water. Leave for another 5 minutes and add the diced tomatoes, well-washed leurda and cut into strips.

5. When the meat is almost done, add the couscous and the water (if necessary) just enough to be covered. Let it cook on low heat for a few minutes. If necessary, add more water.

6. Season the food with salt and serve seasoned with green parsley.

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Chicken with apricots and couscous

Hihi, my husband says I'm experimenting on the dwarf. I mean chicken with apricots cooked together. Hey, yes. It's not something unheard of, unheard of. It is, however, a little unusual for us, who associate apricots with sweet, dessert. I cooked a small portion for myself and the dwarf. He circled, looked at us as we ate, but still did not have the courage to taste. Such are the prejudices, the habits from which we do not want to get out, to experiment. I want to give the dwarf, in addition to the possibility to choose, the courage to try new things, unusual for him, culinary speaking. The secret of this recipe is well-ripened apricots. Their acidity, the sweetness of the raisins and the carrot, give it a special taste, not the sweetness we associate with toast. Along with couscous, it was good and tasty. The dwarf does not know if the combination is suitable or not, he liked it and ate it.

1 teaspoon raw sugar or any sweetener of your choice (I taste it first and add sugar only if needed)

nutmeg (a teaspoon tip)

I mention from the beginning that I first boiled the chicken breast for about 15 minutes and only then I cut it into large pieces. I put everything in a non-stick pan, except the sugar, and let it boil lightly for about 30 minutes. Separately I prepared the couscous (4 tablespoons I prepared myself). After it hydrated, I added a teaspoon of coconut butter.