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5 star food at a 3 star price

5 star food at a 3 star price

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Of course New York is full of great food, but can you get it at a reasonable price? There are the bi-annual restaurant weeks that allow people of normal means the opportunity to visit some of the best restaurants in New York. Some even claim that restaurant week is vacation week for the executive chefs at top restaurants.

L'Ecole is a gem in the SoHo district of Manhattan. In the midst of all the shopping SoHo is known for is the French Culinary Institute. L'Ecole is the student run restaurant that all attendees of FCI must work at before they are allowed to graduate. These pre-graduates are there to hone their culinary skills before being released into the food industry as a full-fledged chef. Because they are still learning, we, as customers, are afforded a special price to act as their guinea pigs. And trust me; it's not a bad place to be.

The students that spend there last months cooking at L'Ecole are educated and talented. They make fantastic French food at an introductory price. $47 dollars for a 4 course meal? Done. The level and quality of their food makes every dollar worth it and their portions are by no means small. Come hungry and ready to have a fantastic meal.


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